Easy Glide VIP

Easy Glide VIP

With double the distance capabilities of the Easy Glide and the same Italian-made quality, the Easy Glide VIP is the ultimate in home elevators.

Easy Glide carry up to 5 people and are available in a range of door choices and configurations, as well as the option for a stunning glass tower.


  • Manufactured in Italy to Australian Standards.
  • Meets Class A energy efficiency certification in accordance with Elevator Energy Efficiency Assessment VDI 4707.
  • Gearless machine using traction belts allows all equipment to be installed inside the shaft. No need for a separate machine room.
  • Single-phase power with minimal running current keeps power consumption and cost to a bare minimum.
  • Shaft space optimised to provide the largest lift in the smallest shaft, making the Easy Glide VIP ideal for new and existing homes.
  • Full suite of safety features including emergency lowering to floor level in a power outage, back-up battery, full-height electronic safety beam to protect each car entrance, automatic floor levelling and re-levelling, telephone with 24-hour support.
  • Door options include hinged swing doors with anodized aluminium or painted frames with panoramic glass panel, or fully automatic sliding doors with a wide choice finishes available.


  • 5 persons (400 kg)

  • Traction Belt

  • 0.3 m/s

  • No

  • Single phase 240 V

  • 12 m

  • Front, side, rear

  • Manual swing or automatic sliding


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