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Commercial Lifts

You will find commercial lifts from Grant Elevators in buildings as diverse as multi-storey commercial developments, five-star hotels, universities, hospitals and airport terminals. Our energy-efficient products integrate with any architectural style while making buildings more efficient and environmentally sustainable. Our design and engineering expertise solves complex installation challenges in existing structures and new developments.


You need reliability and we deliver it with superior design and engineering, stringent quality control and careful installation. Our industry-leading local facility allows us to perform repairs quickly and we provide a range of maintenance plans.


Our commercial elevators suit all types of buildings including those with frequent high traffic demands. There are numerous customisation options and passenger capacities available.


Our commercial lifts have successfully answered countless architectural and engineering challenges in new buildings and refurbishments. Our in-house engineers are problem-solvers who collaborate with lift consultants, architects and building contractors to achieve a technically superior solution.


Our commercial lifts are equipment with the latest European technology, our permanent magnet direct gearless drives consume minimal power and our control systems can be customised to suit specific operational requests. In addition to supplying energy-efficient gearless MRL lifts we also offer cost-effective two-speed hydraulic lifts for low rise applications. This means the elevator we install in your commercial building will give you the lowest possible initial construction cost and the greatest possible efficiency during its entire lifecycle.

Residential Lifts

The elegant practicality of a Grant Elevators lift will add value to your home. All our elevators are stylish, quiet and safe. They have minimal footprints, space-efficient designs and low energy requirements. Select from a wide choice of interior and exterior finishes to create a fully customised fit-out that gives you a truly stunning result. Visit our Perth office where we have 10 static lift cars and a fully operational glass lift on display.


Whether you want your lift to make a statement or blend quietly into its surroundings, we will work with you or your designer and builder to achieve the effect you want. You may choose from an extensive range of finishes and fittings or suggest your own to create a fully customised design.


Our attention to detail and well-organised project management will help you meet your construction timeline and budget. Because the advanced engineering of our residential elevators means they need minimal shaft space, you will have the largest possible floor area available for everyday living.


A fast, quiet and reassuringly smooth ride is a feature of every residential model.


As well as having models that suit almost any home, we can design one to suit your unique needs. You may choose from a multitude of technical specifications, car sizes and lift types including wheelchair-friendly models. We can configure your lift with one door, two opposite facing doors, two doors at right angles, automatic sliding doors, swing doors or concertina doors.


We engineer all our lifts for long-term efficiency and trouble-free operation. You’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with a full suite of safety features and quality-assured installation.

Limited Mobility

Our mobility solutions include wheelchair platforms and limited mobility lifts. Both are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and comply with Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.


We supply limited mobility products, such as enclosed platform lifts, in screw drive and hydraulic models. They are economical, compact and easily to install in both new and existing buildings. Our platform lifts do not require a separate machine room.


Our limited mobility lifts are simple, dependable and include a full suite of safety features. People of almost any age or ability level can operate them. Their superior design features and solid construction will keep yours working reliably year after year.


All our limited mobility models are fully compliant with the relevant sections of AS 1735 and the Building Code of Australia.


We have a variety of residential and commercial models and can configure them for installation in any out-of-the-way corner.


A dumbwaiter is a clever way to move meals, drinks, shopping or other items from one floor to another without strain or injury.


Our standard units have carrying capacities of 30kg, 50kg and 100kg. We make tailored sizes and designs too. Custom engineering options include removable shelves, multiple doors for access from different sides, and a self-supporting steel tower for greater load bearing capacity.


Our dumbwaiters are stainless steel with robust components and heavy-duty electrical and mechanical engineering, perfect solution for Perth neighbourhood.


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