Express MRL SE

Express MRL SE

A traction lift with heavy-duty European components for commercial-grade durability, Class A energy efficiency, a wide range of customisation options and multiple safety features. Carries up to eight people. No machine room or cabinet required. A fast, quiet and smooth ride.

Design Features
Manufactured parts in Germany and Italy to the highest quality.
A gearless machine using traction ropes allow for all equipment to be installed inside the shaft, no need for a separate machine room.
Engineered for longevity and frequent use, heavy-duty equipment and thick steel gauge you can feel the robustness while travelling.
Optional speeds of 0.63 or 1 metre per second makes moving fast. The advanced gearless machine and precision engineering means whisper quiet movement.
Completely customised sizes and interior finishes to satisfy the most discerning applications.
A full suite of safety features are included as standard; emergency lowering to floor level in a power outage, back-up battery, full height electronic safety beam to protect each car entrance, automatic floor levelling and re-levelling, 24-hour support
Automatic sliding doors can be telescopic side opening or centre opening.
8 persons (630 kg)
Gearless Traction
0.63 - 1.0 m/s
Machine room
3 phase 415 V
Maximum travel
45 m
Front, side, rear
Automatic sliding


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