Antarctic Research Base

Grant Elevators have been awarded the contract to design and manufacture the new dumbwaiter for the Casey research station in Antarctica. The 100 kg dumbwaiter will be manufactured in its own self supporting steel shaft and have fire rated doors. This contract continues our successful relationship with the Australian Goverment Antarctic more

Apartment Building, Northbridge

This job was repeat business from a building company that engaged us to decommission and replace the existing lift. Although another supplier had installed the lift only five years earlier, it was consistently out of service and did not comply with the Australian Standards Lift Code.

The building company knew we would supply a quality more

Appealathon Home

The Appealathon Home is an example of how our lifts enhance the most prestigious residences. The home has an impeccable quality of workmanship and an impressive list of inclusions. The Sprint SE we supplied and installed was completely standard apart from the carpet on its floor.

The home, which has self-contained living areas for more


One of our innovative, versatile Express MRL lifts is a feature of the headquarters of major corporation’s headquarters in Jandakot. It is a 13-person (1000 kg) model with a custom fitout.

The Express MRL delivers the cost savings and environmental benefits developers and building owners want. In addition, passengers appreciate its fast, more

Australian Federal Police, Perth Airport

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) office at Perth Airport has a 17-person Express MRL. In order to comply with architectural design requirements and AFP specifications it has a complex security system and custom interior fitout.

The Express MRL is the ideal choice for this type of commercial development. Its advanced technology more

Beaufort St Mixed Use

This high-traffic building includes a restaurant, retail outlets, offices and apartments.

A long-standing client chose us because we were able to provide a very cost-effective people movement solution. The lift we recommended and installed is 13-person Express MRL that services five floors. It has a stainless steel interior with a custom more

Claremont Football Club

We have recently finished installing 2 x Express MRL lifts at the new Claremont Football Club development. Lift 1 services 2 levels and has a 1500 kg capacity (20 persons), and Lift 3 services 4 levels with front and rear entrances also with a 1500 kg capacity.

Cockburn Emergency Services Centre

The reliable and versatile Sprint was an ideal choice for the two-storey Cockburn Emergency Services Centre in the Perth suburb of Success.

It is well-suited to the demands of the high level of traffic generated by people who attend courses and programs in the building throughout the year.

Customised Sprint Replaces Competitor’s Inferior Product

“I want to thank your company for supplying and installing a top quality Grant lift at my home.”

That quote is from a letter a client wrote after we replaced another company’s inferior and potentially dangerous equipment.

The client began to have problems immediately after installing our competitor’s elevator in more

Geraldton Railway Station

The heritage-listed old railway station at Geraldton underwent an extensive and painstaking restoration after many years of disuse and neglect. The builder chose us to supply the lift because we could provide a product that met the project’s demanding technical and architectural specifications.

The 13-person Sprint lift, which travels more


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