The Sprint range of hydraulic commercial lifts provide affordable people movement solutions for low-rise buildings.

Sprint is available in a selection of capacities from 8-33 passengers with versatile entry configurations including 90 degrees. Plus, with a range of finishes and functions, your lift can be customised to suit any environment.

These are the commercial lifts of choice for low-rise buildings and remote locations, and can be installed quicker than almost any other model to meet tight construction timelines.

Because of their minimal shaft dimensions and stylish simplicity, we have installed Sprint elevators in a wide range of commercial and aged care facilities all over Western Australia.


  • BCA part E3 compliant.
  • Rated speed 0.63 – 1.0 m/s.
  • Available in sizes to carry 8 – 33 passengers (630 – 2500 kg).
  • Multiple car entrances, including 90 degrees.
  • Smooth, quiet two-speed hydraulic drive system.
  • Automatic return to floor under power failure conditions as standard.
  • Full height 2D ‘curtain of light’ entrance protection.
  • Emergency telephone system with 24-hour support.
  • Wide range of finishes.


  • 33 persons (2500 kg)

  • Roped hydraulic

  • 0.40 – 0.63 m/s

  • Yes

  • 3 phase


As part of the range of top quality products we offer for our commercial lift projects, we are particularly proud to work with the Sprint range of hydraulic lifts. With many benefits for low-rise commercial properties, including the range of functionality and sizes on offers, a real bonus is the quick project turn-around time that allows it to be installed quicker than any other model. Our experience with Sprint elevators covers a wide range of commercial buildings and age-care homes, with the minimal shaft sizing making these lifts suitable for most low-rise buildings and remote locations.

Design and Functionality

The success of the Sprint range of elevators lies in their adaptability, with a wide range of functions and finishes available to ensure your Sprint lift perfectly fits your commercial needs. A wide selection of capacities is available from 8 – 33 passengers (630 – 2500kg), and there are multiple entrances on offer including 90 degrees. Other design features include a quiet 2-speed hydraulic drive system and an automatic return to floor under power failure conditions as standard. This sleek design can truly be customised to suit any environment, with a range of stylish finishes available to complete each customised commercial lift project.

Suitable for a range of facilities

The adaptability of the Sprint range design makes it a neat fit for many environments, but it is the naturally petite dimensions that make them the best choice for a wide range of low-rise commercial and aged care facilities. The minimal shaft dimensions ensure a successful installation into smaller spaces, making them perfect for remote venues and low-rise locations. Sprint lifts are the affordable people movement solution for a range of facilities, with a simple, sleek finish making them an easy addition to any low-rise build with a fast installation time to meet even the tightest of construction deadlines.

Installation and Ongoing Maintenance

As Perths leading lift installation company, the team at Grant Elevators has the experience to ensure each step of a lift installation project is completed to the highest standard. We offer only top quality products, such as Sprint hydraulic commercial lifts, with an experienced team of technicians to install every elevator impeccably. By following a high standard of service through each step of the process, from product selection and installation through to maintenance and servicing, we aim to deliver customer satisfaction every single time. We know our products inside out, and offer ongoing maintenance to make sure your choice lifts run as well as possible, for as long as possible.

Why choose Grant Elevators?

As a proud Western Australian owned private company, the experienced team at Grant Elevators is on hand to provide expert advice on each step of your lift journey. From choosing which of our top quality products best suits your specific requirements, to premium installation services and follow up servicing and maintenance, we offer 24/7 service to ensure customer satisfaction every time. With a portfolio of over 3,000 successfully completed projects, our wide ranging experience ensures quality products and installation. Contact us today for more information on Sprint commercial lifts or any of our other superior elevator products.


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