The perfect finishing touch to any modern and stylish build is a stunning Panoramic lift. These luxury residential elevators work just as well for commercial builds, offering passengers an impressive view through the gorgeous glass design as they take the smooth and silent journey. Here at Grant Elevators we offer this knock-out design in a range of configurations to suit any requirements, from circular and semi-circular, rectangular or square, and are proud to provide Panoramic luxury residential elevators that are guaranteed to elevate the style of any modern build.

Striking and Luxurious Design

Our extensive experience providing top-of-the-line commercial and residential glass elevators has shown us that installing a Panoramic lift transforms any space into an elegant and modern location. The stunning clear glass is a serious statement piece, giving each passenger a clear view alongside easy-to-use controls and a fully customised finish where the attention to detail provides the final opulent touches. The sleek design ensures a luxurious space for each passenger to relax in behind industry leading safety glass, as they rise or descend at ease.

Suitable for Residential or Commercial

It’s rare to find an impressive lift like the Panoramic that is both elegant and adaptable. The smart design of this chic glass build means it can be installed in both residential and commercial properties, and complete customisation with tailored finishes is offered by the expert team here at Grant Elevators. Luxury residential elevators are a particularly special addition to any home or apartment complex, with the crystal-clear view on offer through the top-quality safety glass a transformative addition that simply oozes opulence. Commercial properties often need that stunning final touch to bring a touch of elegance to a busy work space, and the spectacular Panoramic residential glass elevators will do just that.

Complete Customisation

The beauty of adding a beautiful Panoramic glass elevator to your residential or commercial space is not only the gorgeous clear views, but the ability for it to be tailored perfectly to fit your specific space. The experienced team at Grant Elevators has the knowledge and skills to customise each luxury residential elevator to your needs, completed to perfection with detailed finishes. With a variety of shapes available, from circular or semi-circular, to rectangular or square, your Panoramic lift will be built exclusively for your requirements to create a unique and stunning design.

Why choose Grant Elevators?

When it comes to top quality lifts for commercial buildings or unique residential glass elevators, our 50 years of experience at Grant Elevators means we are guaranteed to deliver every time. From choosing which of our expertly built products best suits your specific requirements, to premium installation services and follow up servicing and maintenance, we offer 24/7 service to ensure customer satisfaction. Our portfolio boasts over 3,000 successfully completed projects, so contact us today for more information on Panoramic lifts or any of our other superior elevator products.


  • Complete customisation.
  • Traction and hydraulic drive systems.
  • Circular glass doors option.





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