Express MRL 18

Express MRL 18

A highly efficient, heavy-duty gearless traction lift for the most demanding traffic applications in mid-rise and high-rise public buildings. The ideal choice when a greater than standard design fltout is required. Maximum reliability, strength and comfort for the most demanding environments and specifications.


  • Compact machine-room-less solution.
  • Compact, quiet, gearless, energy efficient, speed regulated (VVVF) permanent magnet electric motor.
  • Extra robust doors with reduced sound levels inside and outside the lift and which are specially constructed for high volume passenger traffic.
  • Flexible car and door configurations ensure available shaft dimensions can be optimised.
  • Reinforced wall panels and flooring provide durability for heavy-duty use. Flexible design configurations offer optimum car and door dimensions. Reduced vibration and noise provide greater comfort during travel.
  • Option to adapt the lift for buildings that have occupiable space below the shaft.
  • Small diameter ropes replace traditional steel ropes. Their lighter weight, longer lifespan and greater flexibility provide a more compact, efficient and eco-friendly gearless machine.
  • Automatic rescue system with floor level indication to ensure fast, efficient and safe evacuation of passengers in the event of an emergency.


  • 33 persons (2500 kg)

  • Gearless traction VVVF

  • 1.0 – 4.0 m/s

  • Inside shaft headroom

  • 75 m (32 floors)

  • 900 – 2000 mm

  • 2000 – 2300 mm

  • Front, rear


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