express mrl 16

Express MRL 16

A highly efficient, heavy-duty gearless traction lift for high traffic applications in public buildings. Maximum reliability, strength and comfort for the most demanding environments and specifications. Customisation options available. Carries up to 21 people.


  • Compact machine-room-less solution.
  • Compact, quiet, gearless, energy efficient, speed regulated (VVVF) permanent magnet electric motor.
  • Extra-robust doors with reduced sound levels inside and outside the lift are specially constructed for high-volume passenger traffic.
  • Flexible car and door configurations ensure available shaft dimensions can be optimised.
  • Reinforced wall panels and flooring provide durability for heavy-duty use. Flexible design configurations offer optimum car and door dimensions. Reduced vibration and noise provide greater comfort during travel.
  • Option to adapt the lift for buildings that have occupiable space below the shaft.
  • Small diameter ropes replace traditional steel ropes. Their lighter weight, longer lifespan and greater flexibility provide a more compact, efficient and eco-friendly gearless machine.
  • Automatic rescue system with floor level indication to ensure fast, efficient and safe evacuation of passengers in the event of an emergency.


  • 21 persons (1600 kg)

  • Gearless traction VVVF

  • 1.0 – 1.6 m/s

  • Fully enclosed shaft

  • 75 m (32 floors)

  • 900 – 1600 mm

  • 2000 – 2300 mm

  • Front, rear


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