express mrl 16

Express MRL 16

A highly efficient, heavy-duty gearless traction lift for high traffic applications in public buildings. Maximum reliability, strength and comfort for the most demanding environments and specifications. Customisation options available. Carries up to 21 people.


  • Compact machine-room-less solution.
  • Compact, quiet, gearless, energy efficient, speed regulated (VVVF) permanent magnet electric motor.
  • Extra-robust doors with reduced sound levels inside and outside the lift are specially constructed for high-volume passenger traffic.
  • Flexible car and door configurations ensure available shaft dimensions can be optimised.
  • Reinforced wall panels and flooring provide durability for heavy-duty use. Flexible design configurations offer optimum car and door dimensions. Reduced vibration and noise provide greater comfort during travel.
  • Option to adapt the lift for buildings that have occupiable space below the shaft.
  • Small diameter ropes replace traditional steel ropes. Their lighter weight, longer lifespan and greater flexibility provide a more compact, efficient and eco-friendly gearless machine.
  • Automatic rescue system with floor level indication to ensure fast, efficient and safe evacuation of passengers in the event of an emergency.


  • 21 persons (1600 kg)

  • Gearless traction VVVF

  • 1.0 – 1.6 m/s

  • Fully enclosed shaft

  • 75 m (32 floors)

  • 900 – 1600 mm

  • 2000 – 2300 mm

  • Front, rear

Express -16 (Commercial)

When developing a new or existing commercial property, a vital area to take into account is an efficient people moving system. Large buildings used for commercial use, such as offices or institutions, cannot function smoothly without a robust elevator to transport people floor-to-floor quickly and securely. When it comes to high-use commercial lifts we recommend the Express-16, an efficient heavy-duty lift that’s perfect for high traffic areas like public buildings. A demanding environment requires maximum reliability and a large format that can comfortably hold large groups of people.

Design and Functionality

In order to fit seamlessly into a large property it’s essential a commercial lift can be customised to work harmoniously with all existing designs. Flexible car and door configurations ensure the Express-16 fits with available shaft capacities, with the added ability for adaption with buildings that have available space below the shaft. What makes this commercial lift really stand out from the crowd is the combination of its quiet, gearless, energy efficient electric motor, with no machine-room requirements, and it’s heavy-duty doors and wall panelling that ensure reduced sound levels for all passengers. An elevator in constant use is no good if it cannot comfortably move bigger crowds, and with a capacity of up to 21 people the Express-16 takes care of that easily.

Reliability and Safety at the forefront

When it comes to supplying lifts for demanding environments we understand that safety and reliability are key. Each Grant Elevator product is built with security and longevity in mind each step of the way, from initial installation to ongoing maintenance, which is why we have expert technicians on call 24/7. The Express-16 has an automatic rescue system to guarantee the safety of each passenger should an evacuation be necessary, and the robust build makes for a dependable people mover regardless of operation levels.

Installation and Maintenance

For us here at Grant Elevators providing reliable commercial lifts means supplying expertise throughout the entire process. Our team of expert technicians will install your new Express-16 elevators, whether it is for a new or existing build, focusing carefully on any unique job requirements and specific customizations. After the initial fitting we work hard to ensure the longevity of each of our high-quality products, and are on hand to provide tailored maintenance and offer any servicing required. With a fully stocked warehouse and a skilled team on call 24/7 we guarantee to keep your commercial lift running smoothly, and have it back up and running as quickly as possible should repairs be required.

Why choose Grant Elevators?

We are an Australian company, privately owned and proudly sharing our 50+ years of skilled experience within this industry. With a bursting portfolio of over 3,000 successful completed jobs for a range of projects both large, small, residential, and commercial, we have the expert advice and top quality products to suit any need. For more information on our product range, premium installations, or 24/7 service, contact us today.


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