Sprint SE

Sprint SE

A low-maintenance, Italian-made hydraulic lift with multiple safety features and customisation options that include telescopic doors. Carries up to 13 people. Examples are on display at our showroom.

Design Features
Manufactured in Italy to Australian Standards.
Multiple entrance arrangements for different floors, including 90 degrees.
Smooth, quiet, two-speed roped hydraulic system provides efficient travel at 0.63 metres per second.
The program logic control (PLC) system uses the latest technology with self-diagnostic features and optional remote monitoring.
Engineering combined with technology provide long-term reliability and low ongoing maintenance requirements.
Full suite of safety features including emergency lowering to floor level in a power outage, back-up battery, full-height electronic safety beam to protect each car entrance, automatic floor levelling and re-levelling, telephone with 24-hour support.
Automatic sliding doors can be telescopic side opening or centre opening.
13 persons (1000 kg)
Roped Hydraulic
0.63 m/s
Machine room
3 phase 415 V
Maximum travel
20 m
Front, side, rear
Automatic sliding


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