The Sprint range of commercial hydraulic lifts provides cost-effective people movement solutions for low-rise buildings. The Sprint’s simplicity and low maintenance requirements make it the lift of choice for remote locations. Fast installation times makes the Sprint ideal when construction deadlines are tight. Shaft dimensions are minimal because the drive and controller are in a small cabinet. The advanced two-speed hydraulic drive system responds quickly and efficiently to give an exceptionally smooth, quiet ride.

Design Features
BCA part E3 compliant.
Rated speed 0.63 - 1.0 m/s.
Available in sizes to carry 8 - 33 passengers (630 - 2500 kg).
Multiple car entrances, including 90 degrees.
Smooth, quiet two-speed hydraulic drive system.
Automatic return to floor under power failure conditions as standard.
Full height 2D 'curtain of light' entrance protection.
Emergency telephone system with 24-hour support.
Wide range of finishes.
33 persons (2500 kg)
Roped hydraulic
0.40 - 0.63 m/s
Machine room
3 phase


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